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If you need psychological help or support, you can see your GP’s mental health practice nurse (POH-GGZ) or a psychologist. You need a GP referral. First, your GP will assess your problem to determine what kind of help you need and which care provider is best suited to your situation. Within the GP surgery you’ll be seeing a mental health practice nurse (POH-GGZ). 

A mental health practice nurse specialises in supporting people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or tension and also, for example, people who misuse alcohol or drugs

A POH-GGZ works with several other mental health care professionals in the area, and may refer you to one of them. Support provided by a mental health practice nurse is fully covered by basic health insurance, so there’s no co-payment (eigen bijdrage). Do keep in mind that costs are first deducted from your excess. Contact your health insurance provider for more information and clarification.

In Utrecht, there’s always a psychologist or POH-GGZ near you.

You can also contact the student psychologist of your university. You don’t need a GP referral. HU students can make an appointment through the student counsellor. Click here for more information and contact details. For more information on the UU student psychologist, click here. The UU charges 25 euros for an intake appointment. Online coaching is available as well. Click here for more information.

Wachtverzachter (Ease the wait)

The WachtVerzachter is a solution for people who are waiting for psychological help. Due to long waiting lists, many of them have to wait too long for the help they need,  which increases the chance their situation will only get worse. The WachtVerzachter allows you to start your recovery process while you wait for help.