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Neighbourhood Team

We all go through difficult times in life. Are you struggling with certain problems or are you worried about a fellow student? The Neighbourhood Team (Buurtteam) in your area can help you with all kinds of questions about finances, (performance) anxiety, addiction, housing and other matters. Every neighbourhood in Utrecht has its own team of professional support workers, who can help you determine what you need. They can also refer you to the right person for support. You are involved in every decision. Simply opening up about your problems can be very helpful. You can talk to a good friend, a house mate, your student counsellor, or your Neighbourhood Team. 

The Neighbourhood Team support services are free of charge. It’s important to address your problem early on. Do you think the Neighbourhood Team can help you or someone you know? Or would you like more information? Enter your postal code on this website to find a team in your area. You can contact them by phone or email or simply walk in.


  • Being bullied or bullying others 
  • Mental health problems, relationship issues
  • (Sexual) identity development
  • Social position in university or among peers
  • Living between two cultures
  • Addiction to video games, drugs etc.
  • (Impending) homelessness