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You can go to a pharmacy for the products and services listed on the right. Pharmacies are open all day. You don’t need an appointment. 

To ensure good record keeping as well as medication safety, it’s recommended to always collect your medicines from the same pharmacy. Are you looking for a pharmacy in Utrecht? On this website (Dutch only) you can find one near you. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a postal code, town, or pharmacy name in the search field on the right.  


The cost of medicines that are covered by basic health insurance is reimbursed by your insurer. The cost of pharmacy services is reimbursed as well. Remember that these costs may be deducted from your excess. Some medicines are only reimbursed under certain conditions. Talk to your pharmacist for more information about cover for medication.

Preferential policy

A medicine containing a specific active ingredient is often available in multiple brands. Insurers may choose to provide cover for only one brand. This is referred to as preferential policy. The aim of this policy is to encourage pharmaceutical companies to lower medicine prices. Which brands are covered may vary among insurance companies and is subject to change every year. As a result, you may be given a different brand than you’re used to. 

Dispensing fee

The price you pay for prescription medication consists of the cost for the medicine itself and the cost of pharmacy services. A dispensing fee of approximately €6.80 is charged for services such as checking the prescription, the strength, the dosage, and treatment duration. When you collect a medicine for the first time, you’ll pay a higher fee of approximately €12.00, because the pharmacist provides additional services, such as maintaining your medicine records and giving oral and written instructions on how a medicine works and how to take it.

Out-of-hours pharmacy service

Outside your pharmacy’s regular opening hours, for example on evenings, nights and weekends, you can go to the out-of-hours pharmacy service. It’s recommended to bring your ID, a list of all your medications, proof of health insurance, and your debit card. Be prepared for long waiting times during busy hours, as staff are limited. In Utrecht, the out-of-hours pharmacy service is located within the Emergency care centre of the Diakonessenhuis hospital. The out-of-hours GP service is in the same location.


  • Prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, and health products
  • Questions about taking medication and health
  • Medication advice – for clear and accurate information on how to use medication and to check if a medicine could interact with any other medication that you take.
  • The Medication Overview – this states what medicines you use or have used in the past. It’s a useful document when you’re travelling or when you’re seeing multiple doctors. Your pharmacy will ask for your permission to share this information. 

Would you like to know more about symptoms and medication? Please click here (information in Dutch)